Nice to sort-of meet you!

I love to create. As a multidisciplinary industrial designer, I have international experience working on projects with broad ranging applications.

For the last 13 months I have worked in New York City for a hardware+software startup. As lead industrial designer, I’ve focused on sensor based consumer electronics. In this role I participated in the 2015 Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator – powered by Techstars – and undertook design work on a partnership project with a market-leading international brand.

My design approach focuses on a sensitivity to the user’s specific needs, be they direct, indirect, physical or emotional. I strive to understand the intricacies of products and am, in particular, known for my creativity, versatility and strong ability to execute.

It is a combination of imagination, passion, perspective, detail and skillful application that allows me to add value to any project in which I am involved.


This is what I do. Here you'll find a number of samples from design projects on which I've worked.
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